iThemba inspires school to raise funds for anti-poaching

Students at Montrose Primary School in Johannesburg were inspired to raise a whopping R28 000 towards rhino anti-poaching after reading the iThemba rhino book written by Linda “Lulu” Fellowes!

Claire Levin, received the book from a family member and read it to her class to help encourage the students to become more environmentally aware. The book revolves around two-ton heroine, iThemba, and her game-ranger friend Joe, who embark on a mission to save her skin (and her horn) when poachers come calling.

iThemba Rhino Book

After hearing the story, the learners were so motivated that they used the information in the book to do a presentation to the entire school during a morning assembly. Since the presentation, students at the school have started raising funds to donate towards anti-poaching efforts. The entire school came on board to support the initiative, with parents and the public also pitching in at the events. Principal of the school, Mrs Sylvia Buschberger dedicated every Friday of the third term to allow for fundraising activities.

“I’m so passionate about the environment and rhinos in particular,” says Ms Levin. “I am so proud of my students for taking the initiative to do something constructive to help save the rhinos. When they did the presentation in assembly, some of the staff and students were in tears. This is a cause that we can all help contribute towards. Every little bit helps.”

The learners have decided to donate the R28 000 towards the Wilderness Foundation’s Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative and the Indalo Private Game Reserve anti-poaching unit.

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“We applaud the efforts of Ms Levin and the learners, and their passion for helping to save the rhino,” says director of the Wilderness Foundation, Andrew Muir. “This is an outstanding contribution, and goes to show that everyone and anyone can make a difference.”

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